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About Free From Fusion

Who? Hi, I'm Hannah and I've been a food blogger since January 2014. This is Free From Fusion, my little corner of the internet which I share with my boyfriend Jon. He helps design the blog and is my primary taste tester, it's a hard life for some!

What? Free From Fusion is a place for me to share my own recipes and some others from my favourite recipe books which I have adapted to be gluten free. All of my recipes are gluten free and 90% are lactose free too. The blog also features product and restaurant reviews which are gluten free or lactose free too.

When? I post twice a week - visit on a Monday for a brand new recipe and check back again on a Friday for a product or restaurant review.

Where? I live in a lovely little flat in Woodford, in the suburbs of East London, with Jon and our two cheeky little cats Luna and Leo. Jon doesn't share the same allergy concerns as me so I try to make our food as tasty as possible so he doesn't feel like he's missing out too much. The cats also wish they could eat my food but they have their own!

Why? I've been gluten free since 2008 and in early 2013 a nutritionist also suggested I cut lactose out of my diet for health reasons and it has made a huge difference. I really enjoy the challenge of making gluten free and lactose free food taste delicious and look pretty too. I also wanted to make the recipes easy to recreate to make gluten and lactose free cooking more accessible so others can enjoy it too.

I'd love to hear from you all or answer any questions so please drop me an email, post a comment on Facebook or send me a tweet. And don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin to keep up to date with all my latest blog posts.

Hannah x

Free From Filter
I've been writing at Free From Fusion for nearly 2 years now. The blog began as a gluten free and lactose free recipe blog which evolved into a review blog too with some extras thrown in. However my tolerance to lactose has improved of late so it may be that not all recipes will be lactose free going forwards (although the majority will). Therefore we have launched our 'Free From Filter' whereby you can find recipes & reviews to cater to your personal intolerances and preferences. If you still just want to see lactose free recipes you just need to select this as an option in the filter.

What do you mean when you say lactose free? Isn't that the same as dairy free?
In some of my recipes I will use lactofree ingredients such as milk or cheese, often from the popular brand Lactofree. This is made from cow's milk but with an enzyme added which will help break down the lactose. However if you have a milk allergy you can't use these products as they contain casein but you can substitute with soya milk or coconut milk for example. You can find out more here - http://www.lactofree.co.uk/am-i-lactose-intolerant/. I love Lactofree products as they taste the same as normal milk or cheese and their range keeps expanding!

All opinions mentioned on Free From Fusion are my own. Every now and again I may be sent products to review, these will be marked with an asterisk at the bottom of the post. If this isn't present I will have bought it with my own money but I will always promise to give an honest review of all products I have been sent and restaurants I visit.

I have decided to include ingredients on review posts as a point of reference however please do not rely on these and make sure you double check the ingredients before eating if you have any allergies/intolerances. These are only up to date and correct at the time of publishing.

All images, unless stated otherwise, are owned by me. Please link back to the blog if you would like to use them and credit me.

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