These salted date caramel millionaire bites will having you coming back for more.

Livia's Kitchen Raw Millionaire Bites Review - Free From Fusion

Last weekend I visited the Goodroots festival for a talk on blog to business with some big names in the blog industry including Melissa Hemsley and Madeleine Shaw. It was really interesting to hear how they grew their blogs but what I learnt most is that their blogs grew organically. There is no golden rule to making one a success apart from enjoying what you do and being yourself. After the talk I had a wander around the food festival itself whilst trying to dodge the torrential downpour which had unleashed itself upon East London. It was most certainly the healthiest place I’ve ever been with regards to food including stalls from The Mae Deli and Rebel Kitchen so when I stumbled upon Livia’s Kitchen selling Olivia’s Raw Millionaire Bites I was ready for something sweet.

Livia's Kitchen Salted Date Caramel Bites Review - Free From Fusion

A few of the guys at work had already been raving about these bite size treats so I snapped up a tub of salted date caramel bites for £4 to share with Jon at home. Once back in more dryer surrounds I prised open the tub and I have to admit I was initially disappointed that the tub wasn’t full to the brim. I soon moved on after popping one into my mouth and definitely understood their instant appeal.

Raw Millionaire Bites Review - Free From Fusion

These bites are an all round crowd pleaser with the added benefit of being free from almost everything so they are suitable for vegans too. The gluten free oat base was the right side of crumbly, dissolving in my mouth. Then the middle, consisting of date caramel, was sticky and gooey. The top layer of smooth dark chocolate added a snap to the bites as your teeth crack the chocolate before sinking through to the layers beneath.

Livia's Kitchen Bites Review - Free From Fusion

Perfect for sharing, these bites are super tasty and they are also available in chocolate orange or almond and raisin. My work office is completely divided about the best flavour so I feel like I should really try them all to decide. Also excited to see that Livia’s Kitchen are bringing these out in grab ‘n’ go bars, really handy to have in my bag when I need a tasty pick-me-up.

Livia's Kitchen Raw Millionaire Caramel Bites Review - Free From Fusion

Date paste (62%), gluten free oat flour, organic dark chocolate (raw cacao mass, coconut sugar, cacao butter, (cocoa solids 72%)), maple syrup, raw coconut oil, himalayan pink salt (0.6%)

Livia's Kitchen Millionaire Bites Review - Free From Fusion